Creative event management with attention to detail is what Amanda Rayner Images is all about.

Why? Because Amanda Rayner is passionate about what she does and how she does it.

Youth Business International Global Summit 2013

Youth Business International (YBI) is a global network with over 40 member countries, which helps young people to start and grow their own business and create employment. Every three years a different member country hosts a global summit, and 2013 it was London's turn.
The London Summit involved:

  • a getting-to-know-you challenge, at Vinipolis
  • a launch at the Institute of Directors
  • a reception at Marlborough House hosted by HRH, The Prince of Wales
  • three days of conference and workshops – all at different venues
  • The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards annual dinner at the Honourable Artillery Company headquarters in the City of London.

Amanda Rayner Images was contracted to work with the YBI internal team to event manage all the various components of the Summit, but as it got closer, her remit got bigger, as did her passion for what YBI represents.
Challenges to be resolved

  • The first challenge was sourcing accommodation for over 1,000 bed nights at a charity rate just three months before the delegates arrived. Through various contacts, and her knowledge of hotel bedroom availability Amanda succeeded in finding the right hotel, in the right central London location at the right price.
  • The next challenge happened six weeks before the event when it was discovered that the space originally booked for the launch was no longer suitable. Again Amanda used her considerable network of contacts to find an alternative, which had the added bonus of being in walking distance of the hotel.
  • Another challenge came in the form of a delightful 6 year-old, whose Brazilian mother, without notifying YBI, decided to bring him with her when she attended the Summit! The solution? He and Amanda became inseparable as she effectively ran a crèche throughout the whole Summit. (Thank goodness for babysitter IPad!)
  • The final challenge arrived 36 hours before the event started when Amanda was suddenly asked to not only event manage each activity, but also to oversee the session content as well.

With speakers arriving from all over the world with their session information on USB sticks the challenge was to get everything in the right place and on time. With the support of Presentation Programmers every single presentation, video and slide was where it needed to be, when it needed to be there, even if it was delivered only five minutes before each session!
Amanda also produced the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. She worked with the venue; design and technical teams from MCLCreate and also wrote the script, oversaw the creation of the graphics, worked on the table plan. Making sure it all ran smoothly and to time. It did!
So what did the YBI Global Summit 2013 involve?
To summarise… over 450 delegates (plus one 6 year-old!), from 44 countries in seven venues across five days.