Creative event management with attention to detail is what Amanda Rayner Images is all about.

Why? Because Amanda Rayner is passionate about what she does and how she does it.

Case Studies

“Tain't What You Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It), that’s what spells success” – Sy Oliver / Trummy Young

APM Awards

In 2004 Amanda Rayner Images was contracted by the Association for Project Management, which is a membership organisation that represents the project management profession in the UK, to revitalise their annual award programme.

Prior to Amanda's appointment APM had encountered a few difficulties.

Amanda's initial step was to bring structure to the event, so the first thing she did was tointroduce a tight script that not only supplied the text, but all music, lighting and stage direction. To avoid any doubts everything was read from autocue. She introduced a professional AV/production company and precise table plans so cameras and follow spots knew exactly where the winners were seated.

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Youth Business International Global Summit 2013

Youth Business International (YBI) is a global network with over 40 member countries, which helps young people to start and grow their own business and create employment. Every three years a different member country hosts a global summit, and 2013 it was London's turn.
The London Summit involved:

  • a getting-to-know-you challenge, at Vinipolis
  • a launch at the Institute of Directors
  • a reception at Marlborough House hosted by HRH, The Prince of Wales
  • three days of conference and workshops – all at different venues
  • The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards annual dinner at the Honourable Artillery Company headquarters in the City of London.

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MS Life

MS Life is an ambitious event for any organisation, let alone one the size of the MS Society, which represents the 100,000 people in the UK who have multiple sclerosis.

It is a three-day, bi-annual one-stop event that features the latest research findings delivered by the top MS specialists in the UK (and often Europe); 30+ workshops; 100 stand exhibition as well as a sponsored mile-long ‘Wheel-and-Walk’, a fully [disability] accessible club night and a fabulous fashion show where all the models have a disability linked to MS.

Amanda Rayner worked on the first MS Life in 2006, and every one since. In 2009 the event was held at the spectacular Sage in Gateshead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

For this event Amanda was not only second-in-command to the Head of Conferences at the MS Society but was also in charge of health and safety. A big remit when you consider that of the 2,000+ people who attended the event over its three days, 20% had some sort of disability.

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Race in the Media Awards (RIMA)

RIMA was an award scheme backed by the Commission for Racial Equality which ran from 1992 – 2005. For the first decade Amanda Rayner Images was responsible for all aspects of the event.

This included

  • Attracting sponsors
  • All administration such as handling all entries, maintaining budgets and logging entry fees on behalf of the CRE, insurances etc.
  • Overseeing all judging aspects, such as co-ordinating 57 judges across the various categories
  • Negotiating all aspects with the venue, including menus that satisfied ALL faith dietary requirements: no beef, no pork, no alcohol in sauces, no shellfish, no milk/meat combinations etc.
  • All technical aspects from script writing, overseeing graphic design and identifying music
  • Table planning
  • Overseeing PR
  • Health & Safety

Thanks to Amanda's understanding of the demands of the Race in the Media Awards, her various contacts and enthusiasm for all aspects of the event, which would have cost the CRE £quarter-of-a-million, within five years it became self-funding and delivered year-on-year increased PR for the organisation across all media platforms.


In my line of business, you make many professional friendships along the way. These are the people that not only deliver the required level of service for your clients (which is the minimum requirement), but do it with the courage, conviction (and honesty) that some clients rarely get to experience. I am very happy to say that this is certainly true when working with Amanda on an event.

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